HOODISK—A Professional Nand Flash Solution Provider

As a professional digital data solution specialist, we have served thousands of customers in wide industries, we care about customer’s applications & needs, we always take the most suitable solution with its cost into consideration for our customers, and during the yeas of cooperation with these respectable companies in different fields, it helps us understanding our business and service to show below typical solutions and applications.

Application & Solutions

1. points of sale solution

Recommendation: Hoodisk 32/64GB MSATA

Hoodisk MSATA is a good choice for POS machine, its capacity could provide a wide range up to 64GB for SLC application. Moreover, it can reach up to 500MB/s read as well as 140MB/s write high performance based on Toggle 2.0 SLC flash. Meanwhile, the power consumption of the mSATA module is much lower than traditional Hard Drives. It helps POS machine works very fast, and safety. With Hoodisk stable and high quality storage products, we helped our customers beat their competitors and win the market.



2. Digital signage /Advertising LCD Displayer

Recommendation: Hoodisk 64/128GB MSATA

Interactive kiosks provide free information as a public service, Integration of technology allows kiosks to perform a wide range of functions, in current daily life, kiosks can be anyway in anywhere, their uses are unlimited: from to airport info stands, health club sign-ins, movie theaters and libraries;

The advantage of Hoodisk MSATA:

Various capacity could provide a wide range up to 256GB for MLC, that means massive data storage and high durability;

Each Hoodisk industrial SSD configuration goes through extensive temperature shock, humidity, ESD, and physical stress testing, with both operational and non-operational status to ensure the highest qualities.

Power interruption protection, and a wide temperature range (-40°C ~ 85°C) are an added plus for digital signage and kiosk applications.



3. Carcorder/Driving recorder/Dashboard Camera/ Drone/ Car Wi-Fi multimedia terminals solution

Recommendation: Hoodisk Industrial SDHC,SDXC Micro SDHC or SDXC Card

This kind of devices required to be GPS tracking; Auto Record; Motion Detection; Loop Recording; which means it need a big size storage product with stable and high quality. Especially for drone, as the development of the technical, it widely using in meteorological monitoring, aerial survey and application and respond to emergencies, and the big size data storage is the most important part for the remote sensing data, Hoodisk SD card offers excellent read/write performance, can store massive data and offer the accurate data to decisions timely. Most perfectly match with the requirement of these equipment’s need.




4. Ultrabook /tablet / two in one PC solution

Recommendation: HOODISK MSATA/M.2

HOODSIK MSATA/M.2 with Anti-shock, low power consumption (makes PC battery with a long service life), with variety capacity up to 256GB, and excellent write speed up to 200MB/s, has powerful functions of instant start and fast data transmission, and powerful multitasking capability and higher durability and reliability, can maximize its (Ultrabook/tablet/two in one PC) potential to the fullest, for customers to win a good end-user experience.