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Hoodisk Launches 3D TLC NAND SSD Products

As the technologies change quickly and the updating for products becomes so fast, It’s the future development trend that the flash and solid state drive(SSD) come with 3D NADN technology.


What is 3D NAND FLASH?

Before what we have seen most the flash is belongs to the planar NAND plane, or 2D NAND, What’s 3D NAND? As the term suggests, 3D NAND adds a new dimension to producing flash modules. By stacking cells vertically, density is improved, which allows for more capacity in the same dimensions.

What’s the advantage of 3D NAND FLASH?

3D NAND flash memory isn't the type of technology that might get your heart racing, but breakthroughs in making solid-state storage denser means more storage can be squeezed into ever-smaller spaces, from 2D NAND to 3D NAND like bungalow to tall buildings, that means 3D NAND technology improves on regular two-dimensional storage by stacking storage cells to increase capacity through higher density, lower cost per gigabyte, and offer the reliability, speed, and performance expected of solid-state memory.

What kind of 3D NAND flash products offered by HOODISK?


M.2 NGFF 32GB/64GB/128GB

Product Performance of HOODISK 3D SSD?

Hoodisk products walk in the front of this industry, we provide customers with more competitive products and value services.